Still going through Refinement

Still going through Refinement

Solana and the "refined" gold ring!
Solana and the “refined” gold ring!

In Process of Refinement

Solana was quite insistent, wanting to play longer, even as I reminded her it was time for daddy to read his devotional and pray.

Sensing the need to stay engaged though, I opted to share my reading with her from the devotional Streams in the Desert for today, Oct 29. It was about God being our Refiner and we, small blocks of mined gold. Essentially, the message is we need to go through some pounding and heating to refine us and perfect us over time.

I gave her my wedding ring. “So Solana, that beautiful ring started as a small block of gold. Do you think it liked it when it went through some pounding?” She replied, “Nope.” “What about going through the fire to shape it? You think it found it fun?” “No, daddy,” clearly she was getting the point. To bring it to conclusion, and cap our learning for the day: “But now it looks great! So, Solana, after all the pounding and the burning, what’s the result?”

Solana: “You get married!”




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