Anthony pangilinan group

Communicate and Connect for a Change


Influencer + Advocate Management

IAM is a unique and innovative talent and consultant management service under BusinessWorks Inc. Our goal is to manage influential artists and personalities who have a vision of instilling change in their communities through their chosen fields and industries.


Called to Rescue Philippines
The Masters Lighthouse Foundation

Called to Rescue is an anti-human trafficking organization that helps rescue children who are missing, have been abused or trafficked. It also leads an awareness and prevention campaign to advocate for the protection of children victimized by abuse.

TMLF supports various institutions aligned with training, teaching and a broad spectrum of learning for a better spectrum of learning for a better society through transformative teaching and learning programs with influencers and leaders and supports personal needs of individuals on a case-to-case basis and where funding is necessary for the continuance of life and maintenance of health.


BusinessWorks Inc.

BusinessWorks, Inc. partners with corporations and organisations in helping achieve superior operational performance by providing client with high-impact management, professional and soft-skills training in line with their core competencies.

BWI is committed to the development of institutions, communities and individuals through change management interventions such as mass and social campaigns, seminars, workshops, coaching and counseling, publications, organizational design and management consulting. The group collaborates with top change management experts, trainers, consultants, media practitioners and various stakeholders to ensure a holistic and sustainable approach in its programs.


A&M Treasure Life
Lemongrass House Philippines

A true sugar solution, A&M Treasure Products are suitable for all, particularly those who need or want to reduce sugar in their diet or just want a healthy lifestyle. This sugar replacement not only replicates the sweetness of sugar but also its physical properties, pleasant taste profile and flavour conducting capability.

Lemongrass House produces Natural, Fresh Handmade Spa & Beauty Products. Our formulas are based on a deeply rooted environmental commitment. All our ingredients are derived from safe, renewable resources. They contain no animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals. Simple but attractive packaging made from recycled or recyclable materials is used..

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