Whose life am I living?

Whose life am I living?

Chateau Margaux wines "in process:" Do Not Disturb
        Chateau Margaux wines “in                   process:” Do Not Disturb

“Live Jesus in our hearts,” we used to say in school growing up. It’s only now that I’m beginning to understand what that prayer really means. The personal challenge is precisely that, to live Jesus in my heart, because all too often I draw from my own (limited) wisdom, trust in my own (futile) strength and live my own (“manly,” but un-Godly) life.

The interesting part is I actually survive. I make do. I live a “good life.” But that is the tragedy spot on: the un-lived life of the Son of God long born in me, and a family and community void of the blessing meant to be.

This shall not be! I am not young (well, not that young : ), and there have been many wasted years…but I still have “what’s left,” and they shall be made right!

And so this morning I, again, turn over my life, my time and my plans to Him, whose life I ought to be living. Not just to surrender, but to “embrace” all my Father has set before me, a blessed though undeserving son, because when He sees me, He sees His Son in me!

There will be many options presented before me, and some, interestingly, I craft on my own. But they will all “become shadows in the light of Him.”

O Lord, give me focus and courage, and success, from Your point of view! Let me say, today, with conviction, as Nehemiah declared amidst threat, distraction and temptation: “I am doing a great work, I cannot come down. “ (Nehemiah 6:3)

Indeed, live Jesus in our hearts!